Return to Lydiate Abbey

A Date for your Diaries – February 5th.

On February 5th we will be returning to Lydiate Abbey for an investigation to raise funds for the registered charity Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre Please note the change of date as this event was originally scheduled for the 15th January.

This event is open to the public, but if you wish to join us then you have to book in advance either by email to
or phone 07983 160479 to make a telephone booking. You will be welcome to join us for the trifling sum of £10. Very little to pay for what should be a very enjoyable evening.

Genuine Paranormal Investigations don’t always find evidence of the paranormal. We have investigated this location on a previous occasion and recorded some interesting activity, but because we don’t ‘cheat’ we cannot guarantee that anything will happen. But that just makes it all the more fascinating when something does.

The location itself is a ruined chapel that was once part of the estate of Lawrence Ireland who lived in nearby Lydiate Hall. There is a small cemetery attached to the ‘abbey’. Abbey is a local misnomer. The building is actually a chapel and was never part of a monastic site.

All are welcome as long as you book in advance. Warm, waterproof clothing is a must. We will be outdoors for 90 minutes or so – even if it is raining. The location is woodland with uneven ground. So please wear sensible footwear. Boots are recommended for your comfort and safety.

Eximius at Lydiate Abbey

In attendance to lead the evening’s activities will be experienced psychic investigators Clare Rooney, Lee Tomlinson, Mary Walton, and myself. Also attending will be, Mark Rosney, one of the authors of A Beginners Guide to Paranormal Investigation. So you will also have the chance to meet and talk to Mark about his exciting new book.

At Lydiate Abbey we will be teaching you how to dowse, including the process of imprinting a psychic ‘hotspot’, demonstrating the use of EMF meters in psychic investigation, and setting up EVP experiments.

It starts at 9:00pm so bring along some refreshments and join us for what should be an exciting evening.

See you there.


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