Fire balloons are frequently mistaken for exotic visitors to our planet. Most of the UFO sightings we receive appear to be sighting of fire balloons which are often released in groups and appear to be flying in formation.

fire balloon

fire balloon

[picapp src=”4/4/a/a/Bangkok_International_Film_1e7e.jpg?adImageId=4927496&imageId=6608310″ width=”400″ height=”594″ /]

6 Responses to “UFO”

  1. I’ve seen lots of youtube footage, and I can honestly morally and rationally state, that some of the more credible footage on youtube is intriguing, namely the footage that show strange lights that actually appear to be mirroring each others movements, as if it was choreography. Now I know that a lot of these sightings over Liverpool, or any other part of the U.K for that matter, can be dismissed as weather balloons,Chinese lanterns, and C.G.I but these particular ones are a lot more difficult to dismiss.
    As far as i know, weather balloons and Chinese lanterns don’t change direction instantly, they follow the wind, hence these particular sightings suggest something different, Now with regards to a personal experience i had no longer than 6 months ago, and although I cant conclusively verify, what i thought i had seen, it resonates with me when i see recent footage of metallic orbs especially the daytime sightings that have allegedly taken place over the UK. In short it feels like a vivid memory

  2. i saw 2 balls of fire in the sky on the 27th december over maghull between the hours of 8-9pm they were traveling realy fast in a steady motion no sound they were definatley not planes or lanterns of any sort when i arrived home i saw an other two they seemed to follow each other

  3. spotted maybe ufos in liverpool tonight new years night at 1200oclock so strange they formand anpatten anyone else spott them

  4. Louisa i can tell you im 99% sure these where fire lanterns as i saw them too from a window in Arrowe Park Hospital. There where around 30-40 in total from about midnight until 1AM travelling from north east to south west over the Wirral.

  5. my sister just saw one tonight and it went from point A ( her right) to point B (her left) within seconds… not a balloon

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