Video Clips

Keep your eye out for the photo of the Sefton Church spectre.

N.B. Eximius Paranormal Research & Investigations Team makes no claims as to the authenticity of the information or images provided in these clips. The clips are provided purely for your interest & entertainment.

3 Responses to “Video Clips”

  1. i went to the paranormal week and watched these videos amongst others and was never told if the videos was actually real or not

    • We were going to do that on Friday, but Larry was so good we abandoned our other plans for the evening.

      I think most of the videos were real – in the sense that whoever took them thought they were filming something genuinely paranormal. The ‘pterodactyl’ was not genuine. The Croxteth Hall ‘white blob’ is most likely an insect on the lens. The Vatican thing looks to me like a flag or banner. The Argentinian ‘gnome’ defies any logical explanation at the moment. I can’t remember what else was shown

  2. Don’t forget that we are doing an event at Halton Lea Library at the end of this month called ‘Terror Tube’showing more of these videos 🙂

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