The Mirage Men – Book review

Although this is a book about the ‘truth about UFO’s’, if you really believe we are being visited by Little Green Men (or perhaps their more grown up cousins – the Greys) then you probably won’t enjoy this.

For anyone else who is curious about what all the fuss is about then I highly recommend it. Certainly it must be on the reading list for any Paranormal Investigator who is serious about his craft.

The book is more about human psychology than about strange lights in the sky; more about the lengths that governments will go to, to keep secrets, than it is about flying saucers.

Here’s a taste:
Walter Bosley worked for the US intelligence service. His job was spreading disinformation about UFO’s One of his functions was to convince people who had accidentally spotted a highly secret military craft that what they had seen was an alien spaceship. After two years of this work he asked his supervisor if it would be possible for him to see the aircraft.

‘On the given date, Walt drove out into the night. An Air Force jeep was waiting for him in the dark at the agreed location. He pulled up alongside it, got out of his car and greeted the other vehicle’s driver.

“So when’s the plane due?” asked Walt.

“It’s already here” was the reply. “Look up.”

Walt looked up but saw nothing but the starlit sky above him. The night was silent apart from their conversation and the dull whoosh of passing cars in the distance.

“I don’t see anything,” said Walter, puzzled. “Where should I be looking?”

“Just look up,” said the driver.

Walt looked up. There was nothing to see. He realized that he’d been pranked. The message was obvious – you don’t see what you’re not supposed to see. It was time to go back home.

“Oh, wait,” said the man. “I forgot to give you these.”

He handed Walt a pair of goggles. Walt put them on.

“Now look up.”

Walt looked up.

“Holy f*****g shit!”’

The story is the story of disinformation spread about UFO sightings by the US government in order to keep its military secrets, secret. Secret aircraft, at some point, have to fly. And occasionally they are seen by non-military personnel. So various US government agencies, it appears, decided to ‘encourage’ the idea that they were alien craft.

Also, it appears, that the very idea that we are being ‘visited’ by technologically advanced civilisations is more than the average human being is capable of handling and so a whole different bunch of disinformation spreaders spread disinformation to keep us safe from our own fears and the US safe from panicking mobs a la War of the Worlds radio broadcast in 1938. They do this by keeping the idea of alien visitation alive and at a low level so that we can get used to it slowly – in psychology it’s called Systematic Desensitisation.

The book traces the history of this disinformation from before the Roswell incident in 1947 to the huge UFO conference in Laughlin, Nevada in 2006. It was at this conference that they met, and spent considerable time with, some of the key players in this conspiracy – Rick Doty & Bill Ryan.

That’s not to say there aren’t still some mysteries, but the book focused, in its entirety, on the US UFO scene. This, despite the fact that the author is British and there are two significant UK UFO incidents (Berwyn Mountains and Rendlesham Forest – both laying claim to the title the British Roswell) which failed to get even a mention.

The Mirage Men is interesting, page turning in parts, slow in others. Keeping track of the huge number of names who kept cropping up again and again in various parts of the book was a challenge I quickly abandoned, so threads were difficult to keep track of. Easy to put down, but I kept coming back to it.

It is a fascinating study in psychology and how innocent beliefs can be manipulated by governments to their own ends. How true it is, you’ll have to judge for yourself.

Or is it just another level of disinformation being spread to keep the ground fertile and the community alive?

Mirage Men: A Journey into Disinformation, Paranoia and UFOs: The Weird Truth Behind UFOs by Mark Pilkington


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  1. The above account is not accurate. That is not what I told Mark Pilkington.

    • Hi Walter,
      thanks for your comment. I’d love to hear your accurate account. You could post it here or email it to me (my email is on the Contact Us page) and If you like I’ll publish it here as a new post so that Google picks it up.
      Best wishes,

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