Paranormal Week Day 3 – The Grail Trail & Crop Codes

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Jebby Robinson

We had an absolutely brilliant evening. The batting was opened with Jebby Robinson from Para-Projects.

Jebby conducting an experiment with a member of the audience

Jebby shared with us his fascinating research that began with Moses and then followed the Grail Trail to Nazi Germany and ended up looking at some of the Nazi research into jet propulsion. Fascinating stuff, this was all new to me and I really enjoyed Jebby’s talk.

Mark Olly

Next up was tv presenter Mark Olly looking at the history of UFO’s and the possibility of alien visitation. Mark had some interesting insights into the evidence from the moon landings, but the highlight of Mark’s talk was his visit to the site of an alien spacecraft crash landing. This craft was witnessed coming out of Cardigan Bay and moving inland where it crashed. The crash site was immediately scoured by the military, but Mark managed to get hold of a small piece of the wreckage which he showed to us. The full story is told in Mark’s video.

Mark Olly

I thoroughly enjoyed Mark’s talk, especially his intriguing collection of crop circle images, including some with cheeky hidden messages to Us from outer space. SETI clearly needs to set up a base of operations in southern England.

Thank you Jebby & Mark, you did a great job this evening and your talks were very well received.



Paranormal Week Day 3 – UFO’s, Nazi’s and the Occult

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Jebby Robinson at Paranormal Week, 2009

Another fascinating evening’s free entertainment is lined up for you tonight at Halton Lea Library. The evening kicks off with Jebby Robinson as he delves into the shadowy world of the occult, the Third Reich, and the Nazi search for Ultimate Power. That talk on its own would be worth coming out to hear.

Mark Olly

But then we’ve got Tv presenter and researcher Mark Olly who is going to look into unusual encounters, strange sightings, and other UFO oriented weird stuff. If you’re into UFO’s then this evening is a must.

Doors open 6:30
Talk starts at 7:00
Refreshments/cigarette break at 7:45 (we provide the coffee and tea but you have to bring your own fags)
Finish around 9:15

Paranormal Investigators will be on hand if you have anything interesting, weird or worrying that you’d like to share with us.

Paranormal Week – Day 2

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Another great evening (well I would say that wouldn’t I?).

Kevin McCann

Our first ‘act’ this evening was local poet and author Kevin McCann who read for us three of his very entertaining ghost stories. My favourite was ‘A Happy Medium’ – cleverly crafted and with a humorous twist. Kevin’s voice, with its echoes of Liverpool, was a relaxing pleasure to listen to, and judging by the applause the audience thought so too.

June & Laura

Next up, after our refreshment break, was June, assisted by Laura, from Night Vision Investigations. June spoke about the many investigations Night Vision have run in some amazingly spooky places – covering equipment, techniques, and the experiments they run. We also got to see some innovative, especially made pieces of investigation equipment that I haven’t come across before, but look as though they might be a worthwhile addition to any Paranormal Investigators toolkit. We even got to listen to some examples of EVP captured on their investigations, and one interesting photo with a disappearing ‘gravestone’ that had me intrigued and wanting to visit that particular cemetery.

Our thanks to Kevin, June and Laura for another enjoyable and entertaining evening.

Paranormal Week 2011 off to an Amazing Start

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Audience members enjoying 'Wonderland News'

Well Day 1 is all over and done with and what an amazing evening we had. We greatly underestimated the size of our audience (by far the biggest we’ve ever had for opening night) and were rushing round looking for extra chairs at the last minute.

Mike Jaega and Mark Rosney

The evening got off to a great start with Mark Rosney & Mike Jaega doing their annual update on local paranormal activity – only this year, since it was our 10th Anniversary paranormal week they had a look at all the interesting cases they’ve explored since Paranormal Week started. But because time was limited and Halton is a paranormal hotspot, some of the fascinating material they’ve gathered over the years had to be saved for another occasion.


This was followed by Dave Sadler, Steve Mera and colleagues from UPIA sharing details of an investigation of a hotel they visited on several occasions. They showed us the evidence they gathered and explained possibilities and the methodology they use to make sure the evidence they painstakingly gather is valuable, accurate, and usable.


Both presentations were extremely well-received, and it was a great opportunity to share the reality of serious investigation and move away from the entertainment that passes for Paranormal Investigation with many groups.

Thank you to Mike, Mark, Dave, Steve and the rest of the UPIA members who contributed to this evening’s success. It was a brilliant evening.


Day 1 of Paranormal Week. 24th October, 2011

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Tonight we have Mark Rosney & Mike Jaega looking at 10 Years of Paranormal activity in Halton (that’s right, here in Halton!) – everything from leaping dwarfs to headless Horsemen, Mothman-like pig killers to thirsty spaceships. And lots lots more.

Dave Sadler Paranormal Week 2010

Anyway after that mind-blowing start (and It’s closer than you think) we have UPIA investigator Dave Sadler who takes a look at serious paranormal investigation and how we go about getting the evidence we need. Lots of fascinating stories from real life investigations (as opposed to the TV sort).

Doors open 6:30
Talks start prompt at 7:00
Refreshment/cigarette break at 7:45.

Time for questions too.

And if you have any Paranormal experiences or evidence you’d like the Paranormal Week team to have a look at, just approach me (Michael), Mark Rosney, Mike Jaega, or any of the Eximius Paranormal Investigation team who may be around.

If you need directions to find us click here

Hope to see you there.


Book Review – The Biology of Belief

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Below is a review I wrote for my Health & Well-Being blog. It’s a book all about cell biology so what possible relevance can it have to the paranormal community?

Read the review and then I’ll tell you why it’s important for those interested in the Paranormal to know about this sort of Real World stuff.

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles
Wow! This is one of the most powerful books I’ve read in a very long time. Can’t in all honesty say it was an easy read, at least not for the first half of the book, but it certainly rewarded the effort it took to get my head round some the concepts and ideas introduced here.

Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist who taught this subject at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine and later at Stanford University’s School of Medicine. As a teacher of medical students, not only in the mainland US but also for a couple of years on Martiinique and Grenada, I had to assume that Bruce Lipton was an expert on his subject.

The early chapters of the book look at the basics of how cells function – not aimed at the medical student level but aimed at the laypersons level of understanding. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve never formally studied biology so didn’t really have a clue about stuff like eukaryotes and prokaryotes (which, amazingly, I find that I now do), cytoplasm, enzymes and DNA – and of course the key to everything, proteins. Now I thought protein was just something you had to make sure you included in your diet, but it seems it’s the key to allowing the ‘machinery’ of an individual cell to function, as well as the key to deciding which of your genes are allowed to exert their influence. This is the bit where it starts to get really interesting, because the author then goes on to discuss how the genetic material, the DNA, is not actually the driving force of life, reproduction, or the expression of genetic material in a body.

This is what has been taught for decades, the DNA is in control. Bruce Lipton says no – the cell membrane is not only intelligent, but also in charge. He then goes on to prove this hypothesis.

If all that sounds a bit heavy it is written in a beautifully entertaining and interesting way and I was left with an understanding of cell mechanisms almost effortlessly.

The author then moves on to belief and explores the placebo effect and the amazing nature of a mind that can heal a body (even of something that requires surgery) just because it thinks it is receiving medical treatment. After that he looks at how belief translates into quantum effects that impact the cell membrane and bring about physiological responses to thought.

The only thing missing is what to do with this information in order to change your own reality – but the author does offer some suggestions for further exploration of this particular area.

Brilliant, thought-provoking and a new way of looking at life not from an ideas point of view but from the perspectives of the mechanics of how the science works. It brings these ideas of Mind over Matter, ideas that have been in the world of New-Age airy-fairyness for a long time, right down into the practical world of the science lab showing you the exact mechanisms and how they function at an atomic level.

Highly recommended

Ok so you’ve got an idea what the book is about, but my review obviously doesn’t have the depth, insight, or many of the examples it is valuable to know about so I encourage you to get hold of a copy and read it.


Because one the biggest problems that the Paranormal community has – especially those of us who engage in serious investigation (as opposed to entertainment for thirty or forty adventurers who’d like to be scared under controlled conditions) is producing satisfactory evidence that stands up to scrutiny. We’ve all looked at loads of images of misty blobs and poorly shot videos of lights dancing all over the place. Lots of people get excited about that stuff and I’m glad they do ‘cos it keeps people’s eyes open and wanting to capture something too. But for me, I like something that you can get enough information from to come up with reasonable rational conclusions.

My main area of interest is mind, thought, and how it affects reality. And when you think about it the nature of reality is actually what Paranormal Investigation is investigating.

This book clearly demonstrates scientifically plausible mechanisms – at the quantum level – for how your thoughts affect your biology. But what I didn’t mention in the above review was Bruce Lipton’s Epilogue. A final chapter, separated from all the science, entitled Spirit and Science. In this chapter the author talks about how his Eureka moment of realisation that the cell membrane (membrain!) is the intelligence of the cell converted him from a card-carrying determinist-materialist into a believer in something much greater than himself. Anything that even suggests scientific evidence for something even hinting at ‘spirit’ is worth knowing about. There is so much in this book – especially the placebo effect (which is a particular interest of mine) – that needs an explanation beyond the material.

This is not a book about how to get religion, but it is a book that supports further exploration and experimentation of not only the Power of Mind, but also the Location of Mind – and there, I believe, lies the key to everything.

Michael Hadfield

How to Find Us for Paranormal Week Events

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The map pin indicates the location of the library.

Please do not use the Halton Lea multi-story car parks as they are locked before the end of our events. Probably the best place to park is Trident Retail Park (by the CineWorld Cinema).

Events start prompt at 7:00pm
Doors open at 6:30pm.

The postcode for your satnav is WA7 2FQ

If you need detailed directions pop the above postcode into the route finder at

Hope to see you there.