A Night Out

We haven’t been out for a while so at our last meeting we went a bit mad and decided to do two investigations in one weekend. (it’s a lot for us).

Well we’d heard reports of this place where there was a flesh-eating cave monster, piles of human bones, a church where strange rituals were performed – as well as a big lake, wandering ghostly monks and a ton of other apparitions and generally the sort of weird stuff we love.

It was an overcast night when we left our vehicles at the side of a quiet country lane and headed off along the track, our way illuminated only by the glow of our lamps. Half a mile later we found ourselves on a muddy, slippery path winding it’s way into an ancient woodland. The unnatural silence added to the spookiness as we suddenly found ourselves on the edge of a 30ft drop. At the bottom was our destination. Looking for an easy way down we headed off once more into the dark, forbidding, night. After wandering aimlessly through the trees we found ourselves by some small caves. A quick look around revealed nothing of interest to us and so we headed back to the cliff. A careful scramble down the steep and slippery path found us at the entrance to hell that we were looking for. A forbidding iron grate with a doorway just big enough for a goblin to walk through spoke volumes about the terrors that were once held captive on the other side.

It was with relief we saw the gate was open and whatever had been imprisoned had hopefully long gone.

We set up camp in the cavern next door and after fortifying ourselves with cake and cookies; and building up our courage with ghostly fireside tales (without the fireside ‘cos we forgot to bring any dry wood), we headed for the doorway. It was a tight squeeze that left us in a tiny space with another imprisoning set of bars. This double set of thick bars left us to wonder at the strength of what was once kept inside this place. After struggling through this second barrier we found ourselves confronted with a narrow passageway. Just 18inches high and 20 foot long with nothing but darkness, and god knew what, visible at the other end in the dim light of our lamps. After casting lots I drew the short straw and went first crawling along on my elbows until the space opened out and I was able to proceed in an undignified crouch. Then, fifty feet further in and with a hundred feet of rock above our heads we discovered another small hole. We sat and watched this hole for a while and then decided we’d had enough adventuring for one night and headed back for the cake.

~ by eximiusparanormal on March 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “A Night Out”

  1. Sounded like a great night, but i must admit the cake would have me out a but sooner …

  2. I bet if Lee went, he didn’t go in in case he messed up his hair.

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