Paranormal Week Day 3 – The Grail Trail & Crop Codes

Jebby Robinson

We had an absolutely brilliant evening. The batting was opened with Jebby Robinson from Para-Projects.

Jebby conducting an experiment with a member of the audience

Jebby shared with us his fascinating research that began with Moses and then followed the Grail Trail to Nazi Germany and ended up looking at some of the Nazi research into jet propulsion. Fascinating stuff, this was all new to me and I really enjoyed Jebby’s talk.

Mark Olly

Next up was tv presenter Mark Olly looking at the history of UFO’s and the possibility of alien visitation. Mark had some interesting insights into the evidence from the moon landings, but the highlight of Mark’s talk was his visit to the site of an alien spacecraft crash landing. This craft was witnessed coming out of Cardigan Bay and moving inland where it crashed. The crash site was immediately scoured by the military, but Mark managed to get hold of a small piece of the wreckage which he showed to us. The full story is told in Mark’s video.

Mark Olly

I thoroughly enjoyed Mark’s talk, especially his intriguing collection of crop circle images, including some with cheeky hidden messages to Us from outer space. SETI clearly needs to set up a base of operations in southern England.

Thank you Jebby & Mark, you did a great job this evening and your talks were very well received.


~ by eximiusparanormal on October 26, 2011.

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