Paranormal Week – Day 2

Another great evening (well I would say that wouldn’t I?).

Kevin McCann

Our first ‘act’ this evening was local poet and author Kevin McCann who read for us three of his very entertaining ghost stories. My favourite was ‘A Happy Medium’ – cleverly crafted and with a humorous twist. Kevin’s voice, with its echoes of Liverpool, was a relaxing pleasure to listen to, and judging by the applause the audience thought so too.

June & Laura

Next up, after our refreshment break, was June, assisted by Laura, from Night Vision Investigations. June spoke about the many investigations Night Vision have run in some amazingly spooky places – covering equipment, techniques, and the experiments they run. We also got to see some innovative, especially made pieces of investigation equipment that I haven’t come across before, but look as though they might be a worthwhile addition to any Paranormal Investigators toolkit. We even got to listen to some examples of EVP captured on their investigations, and one interesting photo with a disappearing ‘gravestone’ that had me intrigued and wanting to visit that particular cemetery.

Our thanks to Kevin, June and Laura for another enjoyable and entertaining evening.

~ by eximiusparanormal on October 25, 2011.

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  1. Excellent evening and report

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