Paranormal Week 2011 off to an Amazing Start

Audience members enjoying 'Wonderland News'

Well Day 1 is all over and done with and what an amazing evening we had. We greatly underestimated the size of our audience (by far the biggest we’ve ever had for opening night) and were rushing round looking for extra chairs at the last minute.

Mike Jaega and Mark Rosney

The evening got off to a great start with Mark Rosney & Mike Jaega doing their annual update on local paranormal activity – only this year, since it was our 10th Anniversary paranormal week they had a look at all the interesting cases they’ve explored since Paranormal Week started. But because time was limited and Halton is a paranormal hotspot, some of the fascinating material they’ve gathered over the years had to be saved for another occasion.


This was followed by Dave Sadler, Steve Mera and colleagues from UPIA sharing details of an investigation of a hotel they visited on several occasions. They showed us the evidence they gathered and explained possibilities and the methodology they use to make sure the evidence they painstakingly gather is valuable, accurate, and usable.


Both presentations were extremely well-received, and it was a great opportunity to share the reality of serious investigation and move away from the entertainment that passes for Paranormal Investigation with many groups.

Thank you to Mike, Mark, Dave, Steve and the rest of the UPIA members who contributed to this evening’s success. It was a brilliant evening.


~ by eximiusparanormal on October 24, 2011.

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