Day 1 of Paranormal Week. 24th October, 2011

Tonight we have Mark Rosney & Mike Jaega looking at 10 Years of Paranormal activity in Halton (that’s right, here in Halton!) – everything from leaping dwarfs to headless Horsemen, Mothman-like pig killers to thirsty spaceships. And lots lots more.

Dave Sadler Paranormal Week 2010

Anyway after that mind-blowing start (and It’s closer than you think) we have UPIA investigator Dave Sadler who takes a look at serious paranormal investigation and how we go about getting the evidence we need. Lots of fascinating stories from real life investigations (as opposed to the TV sort).

Doors open 6:30
Talks start prompt at 7:00
Refreshment/cigarette break at 7:45.

Time for questions too.

And if you have any Paranormal experiences or evidence you’d like the Paranormal Week team to have a look at, just approach me (Michael), Mark Rosney, Mike Jaega, or any of the Eximius Paranormal Investigation team who may be around.

If you need directions to find us click here

Hope to see you there.


~ by eximiusparanormal on October 24, 2011.

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