Paranormal Week Day 3

Wow! what an interesting day.

At our ‘test your psychic ability’ event this afternoon one of our attendees Philip McKeown, a Liverpool taxi driver, brought us a photograph he’d taken around 1983.

Photo Copyright Philip McKeown - Reproduced with Permission

The photo shows the seafront somewhere in the vicinity of Crosby. Waves can be seen breaking on what was quite a stormy looking day. There also appears to be a figure walking across the water.

Photo Copyright Philip McKeown - Reproduced with Permission

Several interesting aspects to this photograph.

There appears to be camera movement due to hand-holding with a slow shutter speed, yet the figure shows no evidence of this movement.

The scale of the figure appears to ‘wrong’ for its location in the picture – though I admit there is little in its vicinity to accurately judge size.

Philip told me that at the position of the figure the water would be about 5′ deep.

One of the most intriguing photographs I’ve seen in a long time.

And then when we were setting up for Roy Basnett’s live recording for next Sunday’s Zone Unknown (City Talk 105.9fm 20:00) our attention was drawn to the coffe bar clock in the library where we hold our evening events. The clock is one of those controlled by a radio signal and so is always showing the correct time, only this one had been wrong all day.

Wristwatch showing the correct time

Then I remembered our medium, Billy Roberts, from the previous evening’s event had been sitting underneath that clock and it seems that since then it had been going a little crazy.

So onto our evening’s event. Roy Basnett recorded next Sunday’s Zone Unknown show in front of a live audience.

Rob Bethell, Roy Basnett, Jebby Robinson, & Mark Rosney

As well as questions from the audience there were phone-in’s featuring Lionel Fanthorpe of Fortean TV fame and author of many books on the paranormal and Fred Batt demonologist from Most Haunted Live.

A wide range of subjects was up for discussion including another story of intrigue from our taxi Driver who picked up a fare in Liverpool, took him through the tunnel to an address in Wallasey, only to return, half an hour later, to find the same man in the same spot waiting to be picked up again, whereupon he asked to be taken to the same address once more.

The full story can be heard on Sunday when the show will be broadcast on 105.9fm at 8:00pm.

It was a really interesting day.


~ by eximiusparanormal on October 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Paranormal Week Day 3”

  1. Don’t forget Susanne Taggart’s mobile going off mid show. When she checked it, it had been set to silent mode! Spooky! Susanne (from the paranormal Investigation team UK Shadow Seekers) was one of our guests on tonight’s live edition of Zone Unknown.

  2. Brilliant report – can’t wait for the rest of the week

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