Roy Basnett’s Zone Unknown City Talk 105.9fm

We had a great time visiting Roy on his show. Quite apart from the radio part it was quite fascinating to look at Liverpool from such a great height, and quite a different experience from standing at the top of the Anglican cathedral tower – mostly, I think, because of the more central position of the Radio City Tower (known, when it was originally built, as St John’s Beacon). The Tower is 452ft high and the lift takes 30 seconds to make it’s ascent.

After that rapid ascent we enjoyed a drink with great views over the city and the river while Angela McGhee (Roy’s Special Guest) did her bit. Then it was downstairs and into the studio where we had a job fitting us all in. The chat ranged from Photographic anomalies, to ESP and dowsing, ending up, after Clare Campbell’s Paranormal News, with a remote viewing experiment for listeners to participate in.

From left to right: Jebby Robinson, Roy Basnett, Mary Walton, Clare Campbell, Mark Rosney, Andy, Myself, and Angela McGhee.

We had a great time so my thanks to Roy, Mark, Jebby, Clare, & Andy.

More photos on our facebook group

Michael Hadfield

~ by eximiusparanormal on August 30, 2010.

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