Investigation 17th Century Cemetery

21st August, 2010

Members Present: Michael Hadfield, Lee Tomlinson, Mary Walton, John Prosser, Mandi Buckland, Casey Carlin, Niki Carlin, Steve Mercer

Weather: Mild, clear skies, moon 7/8ths full, heavy dew fall soon after arrival.

Reason for investigation:
Reports of apparitions dressed in 17th Century garb, and a mysterious mist.

Base Camp

An initial inspection of the site revealed anomalous activity (full scale reading) on the KII meter in roughly the centre of the cemetery. This was repeated on several other occasions in the same location.

On arrival we set up IR (infra-red) cameras 1 and 2 at opposite corners of the cemetery, angled to just about avoid the IR beam of the other camera. Cameras connected to HD recorder and small CRT tv powered by a portable generator. During equipment set-up there were plenty of bats flying around – which suggested plenty of insects that would probably appear as light ‘blobs’ on the monitor. This prediction turned out to be accurate. An audio recorder was also set running and placed on the boundary wall opposite ‘base camp’.

Infra-red camera 2

During the vigil one member of the team was always assigned to watch the IR monitor.

After setting the equipment up and watching the monitor for a while four of us (Lee, John, Mandi, and myself) set off for a closer investigation of the pool – which is where most of the paranormal reports have originated. We had a radio with us so that we could keep in touch with the remainder of the team. The sky was clear, and despite the bright moon, plenty of stars were visible and Mandi spotted a meteor. Nothing untoward occurred until we arrived at the water’s edge opposite the cemetery where we experienced a perceived drop in temperature and ‘spooky sense’ was activated. The spooky sense is the one where you know something’s up but you can’t point to it and say there it is.

Alongside the pool - discussing 'spooky sense'

While we were away the remainder of the team back at the cemetery were getting some anomalous readings on the KII meter – this time in the corner of the cemetery near to camera 2.

After this we decided to bring out the dowsing rods. Some of the team had not made use of The Rods before and became quite fascinated at how they appeared to move all by themselves.

Lee explaining to John how to use The Rods

We ran several experiments with The Rods, found some anomalous readings but then discovered that some team members seem to be very good at detecting each other’s ‘auras’.

'Aura' Dowsing

This triggered off a series of experiments to discover whether or not the rods were moved by some mystical force, knowledge known to others but hidden from the Dowser, or knowledge known to the Dowser. One observation was that the male team members seemed to produce more accurate results working alone, while the female team members appeared to demonstrate greater accuracy when working together. In my mind this actually parallels the story of evolutionary history (if you believe in that stuff) whereby males would go off to hunt game either solitarily or in small groups, but where each individual was separated from the others and had to keep silent – therefore, communication was either telepathic or sign language – whilst females would work in social groups whether working in the village or gathering roots, herbs, berries. Making a lot of noise with social conversation would have given dangerous wildlife plenty of warning of their approach. These are just my thoughts at the moment and clearly need a lot more work and experimentation.

Lee investigating something that caught his attention

We called it a night at 4:00am. Gear was packed and we were on our way home to bed an hour later.

Our feeling is that this location has some potential and warrants further investigation. When paranormal activity is reported just occasionally over a period of years, the chances of anything actually happening when a team turns up to investigate are remote, so return visits are usually required over a period of time before anything conclusive can be established.

My thanks to Steve for helping us out with this investigation and making it so easy for us to have an enjoyable, comfortable and interesting evening. Also thanks to Mary for the delicious curry, sorry, lentil soup, and to Casey and Niki, without whose van, shifting some heavy gear would have been difficult, and without whose tent the evening would have been much less comfortable. And, so you don’t feel left out, thanks to Mandi, John and Lee just for being there – without you it wouldn’t have been half so much fun.

Michael Hadfield

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3 Responses to “Investigation 17th Century Cemetery”

  1. Sounds like a fun night!

  2. Yes, we had a great time.

  3. I agree with your theory that ferocious beasts are no match for a group of women gathering berries and am glad the evolutionary ladder recognizes that on some level. Sounds like lots of fun. Wished i was there.

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