Zone Unknown – Live

Yesterday evening I was invited to take part in a trial for a new tv series -Zone Unknown Live. Many of you may be familiar with Roy Basnett’s Zone Unknown programme on City Talk FM where the Para-Projects team, Mark Rosney, Rob Bethell, & Jebby Robinson, (authors of A Beginners Guide to Paranormal Investigation) regularly meet with Roy, Clare Campbell (Paranormal News), and special guests to talk about anything and everything from the world of the paranormal.

So I found myself driving Roy, Mark and Clare to a little room, above what used to be an undertakers, somewhere at the back end of Southport. There we met Phil, the mastermind behind the technical aspects of the project. The studio was a tiny space painted green, with 3 cameras (no camera operators) and four chairs. The production suite, an even tinier room, was behind this. The technology, however, left nothing to be desired.

So we sat down in our assigned seats while Phil made minute adjustments to camera angles and sound equipment and we were asked to chat for a while. Then we all squeezed into the production suite where the results were viewed. Gone was the room we had sat in and we were sitting in what appeared to be a rather smart studio. In the live program phone in guests, videos and images will be placed alongside the panel of experts so that viewers can actually see what the experts are talking about. Since this was an experiment to prove whether or not the idea was feasible, the image and sound quality is not as high as it will be in the final version.

So then we did it again and things improved.

And we did it again and this was much better – except that some of the scenery fell down during the last take (hence the sudden laughter). You can see this (unedited) take here.

From left to right: Roy Basnett, Clare Campbell, Michael Hadfield, Mark Rosney

The quality of this is lower than it will be when the series is filmed live, but we just wanted to give you a preview of what is on its way.

We all had a great evening and thanks to Phil for his amazing technical wizardry and expertise and to Roy, Mark and Clare for inviting me along to be part of the birth of something new that will be of great interest to the paranormal community.

Michael Hadfield

~ by eximiusparanormal on August 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Zone Unknown – Live”

  1. Looks brilliant – well done x

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