Monthly Meeting

Had a great time last night at our monthly meeting. Lots of cake – delicious brownies, gorgeous lemon, mouth-watering chocolate creamy sludgy stuff – laughter, and good conversation ranging from the merits of Star Trek, the weight of the Soul (21gms apparently), psychic dogs. spooky shadows in an ICU, and loads of other equally fascinating stuff.

We were honoured to have the company of Steve Mercer who is very generously facilitating a forthcoming investigation for us. Most of the evening was spent planning for two forthcoming investigations – one outdoors, one indoors, at locations with an interesting history of paranormal activity.

First investigation scheduled for 13th August
Second investigation scheduled for 21st August
and a third one is also booked in for the 18th September.

Full reports of what we find, or don’t find will appear here. Though I have to warn you that we almost certainly won’t be posting pictures of orbs (optical phenomena caused by dust/pollen etc, very close to the camera lens – therefore out of focus blurs – and illuminated by the flash), light trails (camera movement during exposure – not paranormal activity), bright streaks (camera strap or hair caught by the flash – not evidence of paranormal activity) Spooky mist (usually breath vapour in cold locations caught by the flash and not visible to the photographer – not evidence of paranormal activity) and claiming them to be paranormal in origin just because nothing much else was happening. Though if we do get any of this stuff as a result of poor photographic technique, or just the use of compact cameras, or camera phones (which are very prone to producing these sort of effects) then we may well publish them just to show you some examples.

On investigation we make use of IR video cameras, visible light spectrum video cameras, audio recorders (for EVP) still cameras (mostly for recording positions and locations of equipment and trigger objects so we can check if anything’s moved), remote reading hand held thermometers, dowsing rods, a variety of EMF meters and a computer logging, remote sensing temperature and pressure weather station.

So watch this space.

And what didn’t get mentioned because we were enjoying ourselves so much we ran out of time was Paranormal Week.

Paranormal Week is scheduled for the week beginning 18th October, 2010 and planning for the event is under way with most of the slots filled. Because of their huge success last year we are going to be running afternoon events again, as well as evening talks and workshops every day for the week.


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