Photo Fakes without PhotoShop

Trick photographs of ghosts that looked realistic used to need a certain amount of skill to achieve, not any more for as the advert tells us the iphone has an app for everything.

Recently I was given an iphone and while looking through the list of apps I found one called Ghostcapture, it is a clever way of creating fake ghost pictures using pictures already on your phone, or to take one using the app, you then choose your ghost from a selection. You adjust the size, position and then fading the picture out it until suits. Save your picture then your ready to send to a poor unsuspecting local paper.

Add your own ghost

Somebody recently did this along with a story, what followed was coverage in the Daily Mail and Star – a little embarrassing for all concerned except for the guy who sent it in who had a great laugh.

If you Google iphone ghost app you will get a nice little selection of different apps that will fake not only ghost pictures but also UFO (UFO Gold) and Cryptozoology.
We as investigators need to keep up to date with such things in order to prevent a great deal of time wasting on our part, by people who want some publicity in their local paper or even national paper.

Mary Walton

~ by eximiusparanormal on March 30, 2010.

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