Lydiate Abbey 5th Feb, 2010 – update

The evening was clear and cold and the lack of light pollution meant that even faint constellations like the Pleiades were easily visible alongside Orion’s magnificence and the familiar Plough standing on its tail. It would have been a good evening for a sky watch, but that wasn’t the reason we were there.

Thirty four people arrived to enjoy experiencing at first hand, and for the first time, the reality of a paranormal investigation – which is quite unlike the simulacrum offered by ‘reality’ tv.

Attendees were shown how to use voice recorders to search for Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP); dowsing rods to seek out energy signatures; and electro-magnetic field (EMF) meters to identify possible paranormal activity; they were also briefed on the history of the ‘abbey’ and the nearby Hall.

Two groups were formed, one headed off to Lydiate Hall, a short walk away, while the other remained at St. Catherine’s Chapel (the real name of Lydiate Abbey). Half way through the evening the groups swapped over, so that everyone had a chance to explore both places.

We had some interesting responses on our EMF meters, several people obtained photographs with as yet unexplained phenomena, and most of our ‘trainee’ dowsers were suitably impressed when rods took on a life of their own, and a significant number even successfully located the psychic hotspot we created several hours earlier in the Hall.

It appears that an enjoyable evening was had by all and we received much in the way of positive feedback about the event. Freshfields Animal Rescue benefited from this charity event, and my thanks to Jan, Fred and Penny, for organising the event and for providing assistance and support in handling such a large number of people, and also Wendy for coming along to add a little psychic depth to the evening.

If you attended and have photographs then please send them to me and I’ll consider them for posting here.

Here are a couple of photos taken on the investigation. They were submitted because they are thought to possibly be images of something paranormal.

Thanks to Margaret Murphy for submitting these. Comments, thoughts, ideas please.


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