Sefton Church & Lydiate Abbey

Last night was an enjoyable night for us. We ran a successful ‘ghost’ walk around Sefton Church as part of the Ghost story evening mentioned in previous posts. Lee entertained us with stories about the history of the Punchbowl and Sefton Church and their associated ‘ghosts’ Our guests used some of our equipment to explore the churchyard and our KII meter, registering electro-magnetic activity, was quite active and whatever it was registering seemed to be moving along the paths.

Left to right: Michael, Clare, Mary, Lee, photo courtesy Jan Robinson - Freshfields Animal Rescue

A couple of anomalies appeared on photographs by a guest. One, an orb hovering over a gravestone, was most likely a raindrop; the other, a strange mist over the lower half of the image seems to have been a thumb placed close to the lens and flash and causing flare across the lens.

We received a lot of positive feedback that an enjoyable evening was had by all.

After finishing up at the punchbowl, Clare, Lee, Mary and myself headed off to Lydiate Abbey to do a recce and see if it was worth organising a longer vigil there.

Clare - dowsing

Dowsing rods in the ruined chapel registered several hot spots. These were identified independently by both Clare and myself. There was also some other very interesting activity but we need to finish analysis of video footage before I can report on that. Hope to have the video clips here in a little while – so watch this space.

Michael Hadfield

~ by eximiusparanormal on November 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sefton Church & Lydiate Abbey”

  1. Sounds like an interesting evening …

  2. my first ans really my only paranormal search was in sefton church. i still have the pic’s. love that place. i live so close but hardly ever go there. never been inside the chuch. would love too. love the puchbowl too. used to go with my m8’s on open mic nigh. good times.

  3. did you see scary marys grave in 1556 because mary sefton is the most scariest ghost in the world unoo ?? xx

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