Larry Warren at Halton Lea Library – Update

Unfortunately some mis-information has been publicised about LArry Warren’s visit to Halton Lea Library, Runcorn This evening.

Runcorn World
“In what is seen as a big coup, retired US Air Force serviceman Larry Warren will be showing fascinating footage shot by a USAF law enforcement official in Rendlesham forest on the night of December 27, 1980.

His roll of film – to be screened at 7pm on Friday, October 23 – includes images he claims proves what he and many British people have insisted did happen.”

The above extract from an article in the Runcorn World is, to the best of my knowledge, total fabrication.

As far as I am aware, Larry is just visiting to talk about his experiences, and we were expressly told that there would be no video equipment requirements for this evening. The organisers – that is, myself (on behalf of Eximuis), Mark Rosney (on behalf of Para-Projects), and Janette Fleming (on behalf of Halton Libraries) have no knowledge even of the existence of this alleged footage.

There has been no suggestion that any video will be shown this evening in any of the advertising and promotional material we, the organisers, have authorised.

The following is the text of our advertising for this event:
The Rendlesham forest incident is perhaps the most important UFO
event to have ever occurred in the UK. It is considered by many as
the British equivalent of Roswell. The strange events that occurred
over three nights in December 1980 were witnessed by many USAF
personnel from RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge in Suffolk. Larry Warren
was not only one of those witnesses, he was the whistleblower
responsible for bringing the incidents out into the open. Ahead of the
30th anniversary reunion event taking place next year, Larry has
agreed to give an exclusive talk about what really took place on
those three remarkable nights and his long struggle against UK and
US Governments to get the whole truth about UFOs released to the

Michael Hadfield

~ by eximiusparanormal on October 23, 2009.

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